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Society for California Archaeology

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The Society for California Archaeology is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to research, understanding, interpretation and conservation of the heritage of California and the regions that surround and pertain to it.

The Society promotes cooperation among archaeologists with an interest in California and surrounding regions by:

  1. Conducting symposia and meetings to share information on new discoveries, methods and techniques
  2. Supporting a program of publication including Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, a newsletter on current topics of concern with news and commentary, and a refereed professional journal
  3. Promoting standards and ethical guidelines for the practice of archaeology
  4. Fostering professional development

The Society seeks to increase public appreciation and support for archaeology in California by:

  1. Helping agencies, planners, landowners and developers to understand their obligations and opportunities to manage archaeological sites
  2. Representing the concerns of California archaeologists before government commissions and agencies, and on legislation
  3. Encouraging the conservation of archaeological resources for future research and public interpretation
  4. Discouraging vandalism and exploitation of archaeological resources
  5. Recognizing the significance that many sites possess for ethnic and local communities
  6. Encouraging respect, appreciation and a better understanding of California’s diverse cultural heritage

Society for California Archaeology
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P.O. Box 2582 |  Granite Bay  |  CA 95746

Contact Us:
(530) 342-3537

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