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Proceedings of the Society for California Archaeology 1988-2007

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Volume 1 — (1988)

Costello, Julia G., 1988, "The State Plan: Historic Resources and the Santa Barbara Element," 1:1-8.

Mack, Joanne M., 1988, "Ceramics from the Lorenzen Site," 1:9-16.

Mone, Sheila L., and Cynthia J. Adams, 1988, "CA-Mno-574 and -833: A Look at Casa Diablo Obsidian Production at Stoneworking Sites in Long Valley, Mono County," 1:17-37.

Rondeau, Michael F., 1988, "The Meagan Site, Archeology on the Russian River: Selected Analytical Results," 1:39-54.

Hector, Susan M., 1988, "The Identification of Activity Areas within Late Prehistoric Sites: A Case Study of the Rimbach Site, San Diego, California," 1:55-74.

Robbins-Wade, Mary, 1988, "Coastal Luiseno: Refining the San Luis Rey Complex," 1:75-95.

Kyle, Carolyn E., 1988, "An Overview of Four Late Prehistoric Sites Located in the Westwood Valley, Rancho Bernardo, California," 1:97-116.

Carrico, Richard L., 1988, "Rock Rooms, Stacks, and Granary Bases: The Stone Architecture of Westwood Valley," 1:117-124.

Phillips, Roxana L., 1988, "Investigation of an Horno on a Prehistoric Site in Westwood Valley," 1:125-133.

Laylander, Don, and Lynne E. Christenson, 1988, "Corral Canyon and Late Prehistoric Exchange in Inland San Diego County, California," 1:135-157.

Mundy, W. Joseph, 1988, "Sights, Sites, and Citations: Recent Archaeological Investigations by the Yosemite Research Center," 1:159-168.

Hull, Kathleen L., 1988, "Obsidian Studies in Yosemite National Park: Preliminary Observations," 1:169-187.

Carpenter, Scott L., and Laura A. Kirn, 1988, "Underwater but Not All Wet: The 1985 Lake Eleanor Archaeological Survey," 1:189-215.

Cleland, James H., 1988, "A Tentative Culture-Historical Sequence for the Mokelumne River Canyon," 1:217-223.

Woolfenden, Wallace B., 1988, "Human Ecological Implications of Migratory Deer Behavior in Sierran Prehistory," 1:225-245.

Wickstrom, C. Kristina Roper, 1988, "Implementation of a Geographic Information System: Preliminary Results from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks," 1:247-263.

Weigel, Lawrence E., 1988, "The Sierran Foothills Soapstone Industry and Its Research Potential," 1:265-271.

Cartier, Robert, 1988, "The Middle Period in the Southern San Francisco Bay Area," 1:273-282.

Cartier, Robert, and Judy Carrico, 1988, "The Tarleton Site -- CA-SMa-248," 1:283-298.

Bocek, Barbara, 1988, "Sites and Site Clusters: Middle Period Archaeology of the San Francisquito Drainage," 1:299-309.

Cartier, Robert, and Richard San Filippo, 1988, "The Berryessa Creek Site: CA-SCl-593," 1:311-319.

Hall, Jeffrey T., Robert Jurmain, and James S. Nelson, 1988, "Preliminary Description of Cemetery Complex at CA-Ala-343," 1:321-333.

San Filippo, Rich, Irene Van Zandt, Robert Cartier, and Judy Carrico, 1988, "Archaeology and Human Osteology at CA-SCl-137, the Snell Site," 1:335-354.

Cartier, Robert R., 1988, "The Eastridge Site, CA-SCl-327," 1:355-366.

Bard, James C., and Colin I. Busby, 1988, "New Perspectives on the Archaeological Sequence in the Coyote Hills Area of the Southern San Francisco Bay: Sites, Components, and Pieces of the Puzzle," 1:367-392.

Anastasio, Rebecca Loveland, 1988, "Middle Horizon Sites in North San Jose," 1:393-410.

Volume 2 -- (1989)

Glassow, Michael A., 1989, "The California Heritage Management Plan: Lessons from Developing the Santa Barbara County Pilot Plan," 2:1-8.

Ferneau, Jennifer A., 1989, "Radiocarbon Dates from Sinkyone Wilderness State Park: Variability and Concordance," 2:9-17.

Huberland, Amy B., 1989, "Etsel Ridge Archaeological Project: A Multi-Site Approach to Prehistoric Adaptation in the Middle Eel Uplands," 2:19-34.

Greenway, Marlene L., 1989, "Site Monitoring, Affirmative Cultural Resource Management for Cache Creek Public Lands, Lake County, California," 2:35-41.

Greenway, Marlene L., 1989, "Surface Archaeology of the Cache Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Lake County, California," 2:43-70.

Miller, Frances J., 1989, "Results of a Test Excavation at CA-Lak-589, Anderson Marsh State Historic Park, Lake County, California," 2:71-80.

Cartier, Robert, 1989, "Scotts Valley Chronology and Temporal Stratigraphy," 2:81-111.

Bramlette, Allan G., 1989, "Phased Archaeological Research within the Los Vaqueros Locality, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, California," 2:113-124.

San Filippo, Richard, Irene Van Zandt, and Robert Cartier, 1989, "Early Period Cranial Metrics and the CA-Mnt-386/387 and 391 Population," 2:125-138.

Bramlette, Allan G., and Katherine M. Dowdall, 1989, "Differences in Site Constituents at Salt Point: Alternative Explanations," 2:139-151.

Reynolds, Linda A., 1989, "Jordan Hot Springs Resort (CA Tul 500 H)," 2:153-166.

Chartkoff, Joseph L., 1989, "Exchange Systems in the Archaic of Coastal Southern California," 2:167-186.

Yatsko, Andrew, 1989, "Reassessing Archaeological Site Density at San Clemente Island," 2:187-204.

Sampson, Michael P., 1989, "An Archaeological Survey along the Colorado River in Imperial County, California," 2:205-226.

Volume 3 -- (1990)

Fagan, Brian M., 1990, "California in World Prehistory," 3:1-9.

Woodward, Jim, 1990, "Interaction and Common Ground: Political and Preservation Opportunities for the Society for California Archaeology," 3:11-20.

Chartkoff, Joseph L., 1990, "Cracking and Grinding, Chipping and Swapping: Summers on Skunk Creek," 3:21-34.

Fitzgerald, Richard T., Jr., 1990, "Of Milling and Mashing: Subsistence Change at CA-SCl-65 (The Saratoga Site)," 3:35-47.

Keswick, Janet A., 1990, "Son-159: Factors Affecting Shellfish Selection," 3:49-58.

Cameron, Constance, 1990, "Engraved Stones of Orange County," 3:59-74.

Cerreto, Richard, 1990, "A Case Example for Marine Invertebrate Analysis: SDi-48, Point Loma, California," 3:75-97.

Colten, Roger H., 1990, "The Clarence Ruth Collection of the Lompoc Museum," 3:99-107.

Farnsworth, Paul, and L. A. Wilkie Farnsworth, 1990, "Family Life in Early 20th Century Santa Monica: The Spencer House Site," 3:109-133.

Gross, G. Timothy, and Michael Sampson, 1990, "Archaeological Studies of Late Prehistoric Sites in the Cuyamaca Mountains, San Diego County, California," 3:135-148.

Johnson, John R., 1990, "Chumash Social Geography: A Quantitative Analysis," 3:149-173.

Bock, Frank G., and Alice J. Bock, 1990, "Rock Art Recording: The Need for Thorough Research in Order to Provide Sufficient Retrieval Data," 3:175-193.

Lee, Georgia, and William D. Hyder, 1990, "Relative Dating and the Rock Art of Lava Beds National Monument," 3:195-205.

Sampson, Michael P., 1990, "Studies of Rock Art and Earthen Art in Red Rock Canyon State Park, Kern County, California," 3:207-216.

Woodman, Craig F., 1990, "Prehistoric Resource Use and Settlement in the Lower Santa Ynez River Basin: Introduction and Overview to the Union Oil Archaeological Mitigation Project," 3:217-241.

Morgan, Tony, and Linda Scott Cummings, 1990, "Late Pleistocene and Holocene Paleoenvironmental Conditions in the Lower Santa Ynez River Basin," 3:243-260.

Rudolph, James L., 1990, "Size Variation among Mollusks from Sites near the Lower Santa Ynez River," 3:261-275.

Bamforth, Douglas B., 1990, "Stone Tool Use and Prehistoric Land-Use Patterns in the Lower Santa Ynez River Valley, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California," 3:277-294.

Peter, Kevin J., 1990, "Defining Site Structure Complexity and Its Implications: Examples from Sites in the Santa Ynez River Basin," 3:295-313.

Norwood, Richard H., 1990, "Overview of Archaeology at Edwards AFB, California, 1984 to 1989," 3:315-330.

Gross, G. Timothy, 1990, "The Farm Drop Zone Sites, Edwards Air Force Base, California: Implications for Regional Settlement Pattern," 3:331-348.

Hector, Susan M., 1990, "Thematic Evaluation of Historic Period Archaeological Sites at Edwards Air Force Base: A Systematic Approach," 3:349-363.

Christenson, Lynne E., 1990, "Western Mojave Subsistence: Faunal Analysis at the Farm Drop Zone Site, LAn-1296 & 1158," 3:365-379.

Volume 4 -- (1991)

Altschul, Jeffrey H., 1991, "The Deep Creek Site Revisited," 4:1-9.

Caputo, Jane, 1991, "Something out of Nothing: The Significance of Marginal Sites," 4:11-21.

Chartkoff, Joseph L., 1991, "The Collord Site (CA-Sis-S15): A Proto-Karok Village at Happy Camp," 4:23-43.

Dowdall, Katherine M., 1991, "Possible Correlations Between Environmental Fluctuations and Obsidian Use at Five Mono County Sites," 4:45-65.

Dahlstrom, Bruce, and David G. Bieling, 1991, "A Morpho-Functional Classification System for Bifaces," 4:67-75.

Ferneau, Jennifer A., and David G. Bieling, 1991, "Investigation of Assemblage Structure and Variation at CA-MNO-566 near Bridgeport, Mono County, California," 4:77-87.

Dallas, Herb, Jr., 1991, "A New Technique for Identifying Prehistoric Features by Means of Soil Analysis," 4:89-98.

Fong, Michael R., 1991, "Interproximal Grooves in Prehistoric California Indian Populations," 4:99-115.

Hector, Susan M., 1991, "Changes in Historic Site Function: The Johnson-Taylor Adobe," 4:117-129.

Horne, Stephen, and Janine McFarland, 1991, "The Sierra Madre Area: Boundaries, Site Catchments, Archaeology Old and New," 4:131-137.

Love, Bruce, 1991, "Archaeology and History: North Edwards, Western Mojave Desert," 4:139-150.

Maniery, Mary L., 1991, "Logging Chute Systems in Northeastern California: A Case Study on Plumas National Forest," 4:151-158.

Pryor, John, and Russell Weisman, 1991, "Archaeological Investigations at the Skyrocket Site, CA-Cal-629/630, the Royal Mountain King Mine Project," 4:159-191.

Sampson, Michael, 1991, "Humpies, an Unusual Flaked-Stone Tool Type from the Tulare Lake Basin," 4:193-203.

Schwartz, Steven J., 1991, "Evaluation of the Steam Propulsion System of the Wrecked Ferry Boat Sierra Nevada," 4:205-211.

Van Bueren, Thad M., 1991, "Where Do We Draw the Line? Some Thoughts on the Use of the ‘Site' Concept," 4:213-219.

Wenner, Adrian M., John Cushing, Elmer Noble, and Marla Daily, 1991, "Mammoth Radiocarbon Dates from the Northern Channel Islands, California," 4:221-226.

Volume 5 -- (1992)

Chartkoff, Joseph L., 1992, "Development of Theory in California Archaeology, 1966-1991," 5:1-25.

Fredrickson, David A., 1992, "Archaeological Method as Problem Solving: A Retrospective View," 5:27-37.

Moratto, Michael J., 1992, "CRM in California: Retrospect on 25 Years of Progress," 5:39-57.

Costello, Julia G., 1992, "Some Observations on the Development of Historical Archaeology in California," 5:59-88.

Sundahl, Elaine, 1992, "Cultural Patterns and Chronology in the Northern Sacramento River Drainage," 5:89-112.

Hughes, Richard E., 1992, "Northern California Obsidian Studies: Some Thoughts and Observations on the First Two Decades," 5:113-122.

Chase-Dunn, Christopher, 1992, "The Wintu and Their Neighbors: A Very Small World-System," 5:123-157.

Hull, Kathleen L., Elena Nilsson, and Michael S. Kelly, 1992, "Understanding Yana Prehistory: Application of Multiple Analyses," 5:159-169.

Markley, Richard E., and Donna A. Day, 1992, "Regional Prehistory and California-Great Basin Interaction: An Assessment of Recent Archaeological Studies in the Northern Sierra Nevada," 5:171-192.

Rondeau, Michael F., 1992, "On the Study of Artifact Assemblages," 5:193-205.

Dahlstrom, Bruce, 1992, "Behavioral Interpretations Derived from Archaic Period Lithic Materials in the Napa Valley," 5:207-217.

Rosenthal, Jane, and Stephen L. Williams, 1992, "Some Southern California Soapstone Sources," 5:219-227.

Robbins-Wade, Mary, 1992, "Prehistoric Settlement Pattern of Otay Mesa, San Diego County, California," 5:229-246.

Colten, Roger H., 1992, "Preliminary Analysis of Faunal Remains from Four Sites on Santa Cruz Island," 5:247-267.

Bocek, Barbara, 1992, "Subsistence, Settlement and Tribelet Territories on the Eastern San Francisco Peninsula," 5:269-297.

Lindstrom, Susan G., 1992, "Great Basin Fisherfolk Optimal Diet Breadth Modeling of the Truckee River Prehistoric Subsistence Fishery," 5:299-313.

Lindstrom, Susan G., 1992, "Submerged Tree Stumps as Indicators of Mid-Holocene Drying Trends within the Lake Tahoe Region," 5:315-321.

Hardesty, Donald, Susan Lindstrom, and Richard E. Markley, 1992, "New Archaeological Perspectives on the Donner Party Saga," 5:323-336.

Royle, James W., Jr., 1992, "The Role of an Avocational Society in the Curation Crisis, or What's an Nice Society Like You Doing with All That Money?" 5:337-340.

Volume 6 -- (1993)

Fowler, Don D., 1993, "Hermes Trismegistus in Eden: Praxis, Process & Postmodern Archaeology," 6:1-14.

Hattori, Eugene M., and Allen G. Pastron, 1993, "An Alternative View of California Archaeology," 6:15-21.

Erlandson, Jon M., 1993, "California's Coastal Prehistory: A Circum-Pacific Perspective," 6:23-36.

Hardesty, Donald L., 1993, "Historical Archaeology in California," 6:37-43.

Theodoratus, Dorothea J., 1993, "A Perspective on Traditional Sites," 6:45-47.

Bloomer, William W., 1993, "For Richer or Poorer: Analyzing Sierran Reduction Assemblages," 6:49-65.

Hanson, Lisa S., 1993, "Preliminary Results from Sourgrass Site Testing: The Prehistoric Component," 6:67-75.

Kennedy, Tim, 1993, "Archaeological Investigations at Site MRP-1196H: An Historic Garbage Dump in Yosemite National Park, California," 6:77-81.

Huddleson, Julia E., 1993, "Public Education and Field Archaeology: A Practical Guide for Effective Interpretation," 6:83-89.

Alter, Ruth C., 1993, "Interpreting the Sabre Springs Site: How Everybody Won," 6:91-94.

Caputo, Jane, 1993, "In the Limelight: Recent Cultural Resources Interpretation and Educational Efforts on the Sierra National Forest," 6:95-98.

Hylkema, Mark G., 1993, "Some Perspectives on Upland Settlement Patterns of the Central Diablo Range of California," 6:99-119.

Taylor, Diann L. McCloskey, and Gerald F. Brem, 1993, "Late Prehistoric Ceramics from Afton Canyon (SBR-85) and Crucero Valley (SBR-3572): Indigenous or Intrusive?" 6:121-127.

Hector, Susan M., 1993, "Archaeological Research at Los Peñasquitos Ranch Complex: Summary of Studies Focussed on Site Chronology and Function," 6:129-139.

Reynolds, Paula G., 1993, "Garment and Jewelry Analysis at Rancho de los Peñasquitos 1987 and 1990 Field Excavations," 6:141-157.

Cooper, Jason, 1993, "Architectural and Historical Survey of the Poultry House at the Los Peñasquitos Ranch House: Preliminary Findings from the Fall 1991 Excavation Season," 6:159-163.

Beck, Roman F., 1993, "Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in Los Peñasquitos Canyon," 6:165-170.

Mirsky, Christina L., 1993, "Archaeological Data Analysis for the Toys Found during the 1987 and 1990 Excavations at the Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Archaeological Project," 6:171-180.

Royle, James W., Jr., 1993, "Progress Report on the San Diego County Curation Facility," 6:181-184.

Waugh, Georgie, and Larry Weigel, 1993, "The Curation Crunch: Evaluation and Action by One State Agency," 6:185-187.

Schwartz, Steven J., and Kelly A. Rossbach, 1993, "A Preliminary Survey of Historic Sites on San Nicolas Island," 6:189-198.

Reid, Dawn M., and Mari A. Pritchard-Parker, 1993, "Preliminary Results of a Replicative Study: Metate Re-Roughening, Pecking, or Pounding?" 6:199-206.

Gross, G. Timothy, and Lynne E. Christenson, 1993, "Archaeology at San Diego State," 6:207-213.

Raab, L. Mark, 1993, "Twenty Years of Archaeology at CSU Northridge: From Student Club to Research Orientations in the Post-CRM Era," 6:215-220.

Erlandson, Jon M., 1993, "The Historical Development of Santa Barbara Channel Archaeology," 6:221-232.

Sutton, Mark Q., 1993, "A Perspective on Archaeological Research in the California Deserts: 1960 to 1990," 6:233-237.

Horne, Stephen, 1993, "From Search to Research: Prospects for Archaeology on the Four National Forests of Southern California," 6:239-243.

Martz, Patricia, 1993, "A History of Archaeological Research from the Perspective of the Los Angeles District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers," 6:245-248.

Noller, J. S., K. Lightfoot, K. A. Wickens, K. I. Kelson, T. Wake, and E. B. Parkman, 1993, "Preliminary Results of Geoarchaeologic Investigations along the Northern San Andreas Fault Zone, Fort Ross State Historic Park, California," 6:249-256.

Plymale-Schneeberger, Sandra, 1993, "Application of Quantifiable Methodologies in Ceramic Analysis: Petrographic and Geochemical Analysis of Ceramics from Riverside County, California," 6:257-276.

Arnold, Jeanne E., 1993, "Chumash Technology: New Discoveries of Uses of Imported Redwood and Asphal­tum on the Channel Islands," 6:277-285.

Wojdak, Elizabeth M., 1993, "A Regional Study of Changing Subsistence Strategies at Newport Bay, California," 6:287-299.

Vanderpot, Rein, Jeffrey H. Altschul, and Donn R. Grenda, 1993, "The Whelan Lake Site (SDI-6010): An Early La Jollan Campsite along the San Luis Rey River," 6:301-312.

Laylander, Don, and Dan Saunders, 1993, "Donax Exploitation on the Pacific Coast: Spatial and Temporal Limits," 6:313-325.

Chartkoff, Joseph L., 1993, "The Dry Meadow Site (TUO-2604): A Possible Miwok Cattle Herding Camp in the Central Sierras," 6:327-336.

Dallas, Herb, Jr., 1993, "Results of Limited Testing at SLO-977," 6:337-356.

Volume 7 -- (1994)

Whatford, J. Charles, 1994, "Interpreting Archaeology at Anderson Flat: One Season, 12 Sites, 44 Tours and 1,000 Visitors," 7:1-6.

Lightfoot, Kent G., 1994, "The Archaeological Study of Culture Change and Continuity in Multiethnic Communities," 7:7-12.

Schiff, Ann M., 1994, "Archaeological Investigations of the Native Alaskan Village Site, Fort Ross, California," 7:13-17.

Wake, Thomas A., 1994, "Social Implications of Mammal Remains from Fort Ross, California," 7:19-32.

Mills, Peter R., 1994, "Alaskan Hunting Technologies and Cultural Accommodation at Fort Ross (1812-1841), California," 7:33-39.

Martinez, Antoinette, 1994, "Native California Women as Cultural Mediators," 7:41-46.

Parkman, E. Breck, 1994, "Preserving the Fort Ross Archaeological Record," 7:47-59.

Murley, Daniel F., 1994, "Peopling Ross' Past," 7:61-65.

Costello, Julia G., 1994, "Putting Mission Vieja de la Purísima on the Map," 7:67-85.

Marvin, Judith, and Carlo M. DeFerrari, 1994, "Soulsbyville, an Enclave of Cousin Jacks and Jinnies in a Hard-Rock Mining Town," 7:87-93.

Fitzgerald, Richard, and Vicki Ozaki, 1994, "Splish, Splash, and Crash: Geological Implications on the Coastal Archaeological Record of Northwest California," 7:95-103.

Luby, Edward M., 1994, "Excavations at East Marin Island (MRN-611), 1992," 7:105-115.

Fong, Michael R., and David G. Brittin, 1994, "Skeletal and Dental Abnormalities at a Prehistoric Central California Site," 7:117-134.

Badovinac, Peggy, 1994, "Indicators of Wealth in a Late Patwin Village," 7:135-141.

Davy, Douglas M., and Brian A. Ramos, 1994, "A Statistical Analysis of Gunther Series Projectile Points from Two Northern California Sites," 7:143-157.

Whatford, J. Charles, 1994, "Patterns on the Land: Landscape Archaeology at Annadel State Park," 7:159-164.

Sampson, Michael, 1994, "Site Stabilization through Revegetation," 7:165-168.

Haney, Jefferson, and J. Charles Whatford, 1994, "A Preliminary Report on Milling Tool Assemblages from the Anderson Flat Archaeological Project, Lake County, California," 7:169-181.

Nelson, Wendy J., 1994, "The Nutritional Potential of the Fish Slough Cave Diet," 7:183-190.

Pigniolo, Andrew R., 1994, "The Distribution of Piedra de Lumbre 'Chert' in the Archaeological Record of Southern California," 7:191-198.

Hector, Susan M., 1994, "The Historical Archaeology of American Girl Canyon, Imperial County, California," 7:199-212.

Grenda, Donn R., and Jeffrey H. Altschul, 1994, "The Evolution of Coastal Settlements: A View from the Ballona Lagoon," 7:213-226.

Parkman, E. Breck, 1994, "The News Media and the Curious: Interpreting Archaeology at Colony Ross," 7:227-234.

Volume 8 -- (1995)

Kayser, David W., 1995, "Recently Identified Sites on the Carrizo Plain Natural Area," 8:1-3.

Bjelajac, Victor, Randy Wiberg, and Donald Boothby, 1995, "Ground Penetrating Radar Survey: Results from Four Sites in California," 8:5-12.

Hamusek-McGann, Blossom, 1995, "The Tuscan Obsidian Source of Northern California: Archaeological Implications and Geochemical Variability," 8:13-32.

Rondeau, Michael F., 1995, "Cobble Core Types in California," 8:33-45.

Chace, Paul G., 1995, "By a Great Meadow and a Mountain Lake, Archaeological Investigations at the SBR-935 Site near Baldwin Lake, in the Big Bear City Area, San Bernardino County," 8:47-59.

von Werlhof, Jay, 1995, "Geoglyphs in Time and Space," 8:61-68.

Laylander, Don, 1995, "The Chronology of Lake Cahuilla's Final Stand," 8:69-78.

Beezley, John A., 1995, "A Coot Kill Site at Lake Cahuilla," 8:79-86.

Rosen, Martin D., 1995, "IMP-6427, A Lake Cahuilla Bead Manufacturing Site," 8:87-104.

Pallette, Drew, and Jerry Schaefer, 1995, "Archaeological Investigations of Two Lake Cahuilla Associated Rockshelters in the Toro Canyon Area, Riverside County, California," 8:105-122.

Pigniolo, Andrew R., 1995, "The Rainbow Rock Wonderstone Source and Its Place in Regional Material Distribution Studies," 8:123-131.

Altschul, Jeffrey H., and Joseph A. Ezzo, 1995, "Ceremony and Warfare along the Lower Colorado River during the Protohistoric Period," 8:133-145.

Strudwick, Ivan, 1995, "The Multi-functional Pitted Stones of Coastal California and Their Use in Marine Shell Processing," 8:147-166.

Luby, Edward M., 1995, "Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Investigations in the Sunol Valley, Alameda County, California," 8:167-174.

Caputo, Jane M., 1995, "Arrows Cast through Time: Rosegate Projectile Points as a Time Marker at the Portuguese Flat Site (FRE-137)," 8:175-188.

Whatford, J. Charles, 1995, "Historic Stone Quarries as Rural Cultural Landscapes: An Example from Sonoma County, California," 8:189-193.

Gallegos, Dennis R., 1995, "A Review and Synthesis of the Archaeological Record for the Lower San Diego River Valley," 8:195-206.

Kyle, Carolyn E., 1995, "A 2,000 Year Old Milling Tool Kit from SDI-10148, San Diego, California," 8:207-216.

McHenry, Petei, 1995, "Comparison of Faunal Remains from Four Sites along the San Diego River Valley, California," 8:217-225.

Cooley, Theodore G., 1995, "Early Period Results from Data Recovery Conducted on a Portion of Stratified Prehistoric Site SDI-9243, San Diego County, California," 8:227-238.

James, Delman, 1995, "Rock Rings and Granary Bases in San Diego County," 8:239-245.

Volume 9 -- (1996)

Lightfoot, Kent G., 1996, "The Construction of Frontiers and Boundaries in Northern California," 9:1-4.

Martinez, Antoinette, 1996, "Hyphenated Identities," 9:5-8.

Parkman, E. Breck, 1996, "The Supernatural Frontier in Pomo Cosmology," 9:9-12.

Silliman, Stephen W., 1996, "Linguistic Archaeology and the Use of Enthnolinguistic Boundaries," 9:13-19.

Schiff, Ann M., 1996, "Geographic Variation in Native Alaskan Ethnic Boundary Markers," 9:20-24.

Fredrickson, David A., 1996, "Obsidian Studies, Social Boundaries, Theoretical Models, and the Development of Tribelet Structure in Central California," 9:25-29.

Pape, Janet L., 1996, "Cypress Replacement Project: Caltrans Meets the Challenge," 9:30-32.

Meyer, Michael D., 1996, "West Oakland: A Terminus of the Urban West," 9:33-36.

Praetzellis, Adrian, Mary Praetzellis, and Aicha Woods, 1996, "‘Sunshine Corner': Archaeology and the Domestic Reform Movement in West Oakland, California," 9:37-40.

Spires, William Alfred, 1996, "The Quest for ‘Dad' Moore: Theme, Place, and the Individual in Historical Archaeology," 9:41-44.

McIlroy, Jack, 1996, "Oakland: Privy to the Past," 9:45-49.

Hattersley-Drayton, Karana, 1996, "Oral History, Archaeology, and Ephemeral Culture: Bocce Ball in the Vasco," 9:50-54.

Eastman, Bright, 1996, "Social Networking on the Vasco," 9:55-63.

Peterson, Paul A., 1996, "Discovering Ethnographic Rock Art in the Clear Lake Basin," 9:64-72.

Gough, Galal, 1996, "Gender in Stone: Yonis, Phallic Stones, and Male and Female Symbols in Southern California Rock Art," 9:73-79.

Kaldenberg, Russell L., 1996, "An Examination of Dee Simpson's Role in the Development of California Desert Archaeology," 9:80-91.

Whitley, David S., Ronald I. Dorn, Julie Francis, Lawrence L. Loendorf, Thomas Holcomb, Russel Tanner, and Joseph Bozovich, 1996, "Recent Advances in Petroglyph Dating and Their Implications for the Pre-Clovis Occupation of North America," 9:92-103.

Carter, George F., 1996, "Early Man at San Diego: A Geomorphic-Archaeological View," 9:104-112.

Budinger, Fred E., Jr., 1996, "A Search Strategy for Evidence of Early Man in America: A Preliminary Assessment of the Manix Type Section, Central Mojave Desert, California," 9:113-119.

Warren, Claude N., 1996, "Manix Lake Lithic Industry in Historical Perspective," 9:120-126.

James, E. Henry, 1996, "15,000 Years of Human Trails in the Manix Lake Basin," 9:127-152.

von Werlhof, Jay, 1996, "Distribution as a Functional Factor of Rock Alignments in the Mojave Desert," 9:153-156.

Meniketti, Marco, 1996, "Bones in the Sand: Reconnaissance and Test Excavation of the 19th-Century Barkentine ‘Jane L. Stanford'," 9:157-160.

Wegars, Priscilla, 1996, "Rice Bowls in the Diggings: Chinese Miners near Granite, Oregon," 9:161-169.

Schulz, Peter D., 1996, "Work Camps or Ethnic Villages? The Chinese Shrimp Camps of San Francisco Bay," 9:170-178.

Ayres, James E., 1996, "Standard Timber Company Logging Camps on the Mill Creek Drainage, Uinta Mountains, Utah," 9:179-182.

Baxter, R. Scott, 1996, "Life in a Twentieth Century Petroleum Work Camp," 9:183-188.

Eidsness, Janet P., 1996, "Overview of the Ft. Hunter Liggett Historic Preservation Plan," 9:189-194.

Edwards, John L., 1996, "The Fort Hunter Liggett Cultural Resources Inventory: Objectives and Results of Archaeological Surveys within the Historic Preservation Plan Context," 9:195-198.

Alvarez, Susan Harding, 1996, "On-Site Integration of Cultural Resources Management Objectives and Military Land Use," 9:199-201.

Fuller, Mary, 1996, "User Perspective of Integrating Objectives: Testing and Historical Preservation," 9:202-204.

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